Hi, I’m Sergio Rodrigo Royo

I’m a software developer, musician, and entrepreneur. I love programming and music, and I leverage them to build businesses that help other human beings.

What to expect to see on this website?

I currently write articles on programming, focusing on the Rust programming language. To me, Rust will be one of the pillars of technology for the next few decades. See the articles below if you are interested in Rust!

Another topic you could expect to read about in the future is AI. I truly believe that AI is the next revolution and will change our societies forever. This is really exciting, and I will be covering it.

Latest Articles

Game Development In Rust Strategy Game 1

Game Development In Rust: Making A Strategy Game (Part 1 – The Battlefield)

Game Development In Rust: Making A Strategy Game is a series of articles where we make a game in Rust with Bevy. The first article focuses on creating the foundations of the project and the battlefield. The source code is provided so you can follow along easily. I hope you will enjoy!